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October 9, 2006


Iskandar Langalibalele

(Now a "Shrine For Iskandar"
May 4, 1956 - August 9, 2009)

Who will unite the family
of Sufferers all they see,
families fighting neighbors
in strife, street sets knifing and
shooting over contested turf as
war elephants that once crossd the
Alps languish in z/o/o/s and the
BLACKS who drove them, Slaves.

Kefing in retirement, lost nerve
left his taste for the battle the art
of what he does best, what he know
and he know why when the face
of Oppression wears no hood no
mask, comes at us looking human.

. . . your Lexus
gliding over a ragged street while
a certain old lady's tired feet scurry
to carry her groceries home to safety
which your keen eyes never peeped . . .

Maroon general yesterday
commando mon capitan legendary
leitmotif of revolutionary artifice
stepped back from the fray, keen to
bosses dogging workers, defiant of
presidents imprisoning Africans and
bombing isles, fighting striving for
principles ethics liberation
ethics sans morality, meantime an
immoral majority contracts America
to transparent lies, indignation feigned
over a president fallen, in the polls.

The president, the Beast, a pike
in his hand, his snake eyes gaze
from atop the heights upon a World
for conquest ripe. Unite the family of
Sufferers all: they see conflict and
for what do they struggle except a
World in disorder our own world
forfeit, & surfeit to Shaytaanz Cause.

Souls bought and sold for a mess
of porridge a barrel of oil a kilo
of paste between some borders or on
a city block: your mother on the corner
working the street, your brother in
that window robbing her house and
you in the cut slinging this poison.

A family of Sufferers, all you see
hundred dollar Jordans a fresh Polo
shirt and a merc camouflaged as a
housewife anxious to bail when the
Beasts lock you down in SCI. A cell,
Pelican Bay, now a world away from
your picturesque living room in
the midst of the City, the bank house
parked in a hi-rise and your Lexus
gliding over a raggd street while
a certain old ladies tired feet scurry
to carry her groceries home to safety
which your keen eyes never peeped.

Somebody's grandmother, and her
daughter caught up in The Slaughter
that you call The Game, player. So
far so good, none of the fiends you
sling to has crackd her olden head
no neighborhood walking dead,
none have broke wild for her purse
on Sunday morning along her way to
church praying to a Jesus who aint
trying to hear no begging saint.

A white Christ a white god a red Santa
or Satan on a Christmas producing
no Jordans for grandma's tired dogs.
Who want to hear that nowhere *.
Conscientious, grandma cares for
Feyshelle's kids, 'cause girl caught
up in the street.

Who repeated that lie
five percent truth and the rest lies
white lies black lies statistics what
made you believe Kefing makes
any difference and this postal slop
means less to him than agitprop(?)
a nonpaying job, an occupation not
on paper not yielding ends not
giving up any liquidity or financial
dividends. Not gonna help grandma
feed Feyshelle's kids no matter
what yo.

Polemics in a community
whose leaders the church the city
the police the pimp the hustler
the barbershop owner and the
Mason recognize nothing you say
you dead-ender, we'd rather listen
to a damn jitterbug, stop that Black
Revolution, aint no revolution, its
Farrakhan and Jesse and Condi.
Its affirmative action and Hilfiger
a fresh cut and a fine dime honey
for my money and a whole lot more!

And Feyshelle's kids on an empty
lot collecting bottles while she
tricks for hustlers and ballers turnt
out, foisting her kids on grandma,
you talking sucker * about a
Black Revolution and Feyshelle
yet holding onto her good looks
getting high, and we counting
money, we counting money, WE
no time to read books.

Copyright © Iskandar Langalibalele, 2006

Iskandar Langalibale has been organizing for Black Political Power for thirty years.

Having started out as a Garveyite, he has mainly done work in Pittsburgh Penna., but has also organized in Washington DC (UNIA and AAPRP), and built campaigns for the Uhuru movement in Philadelphia, Oakland Califas, and a few other places.

Currently working on the theory of the diminution of capital, Langalibalele continues to sharpen his theoretical, political and organizing acumen.

Reach Iskandar at unite_n_resist@yahoo.com

Brother King Iskandar Langalibalele, a great and brilliant Black revolutionary thinker died suddenly on Sunday, August 9, 2009.

See at the comment page of a Thinker's Greenspace, his consistent comments about his love for this site, and his particularly affection for "A Thinker's Greenspace."

Brother Iskandar's photo is added here to keep his spirit alive and well at this site.

Bro. Iskandar's Memorial Info

Please come to the memorial service for Iskandar Langalibalele on Sunday, August 16th 2009 at 11:00 am.

It will be held at 401 W. Commons. Pittsburgh, Pa 15212.

There is a park just west of the address. Though there are no benches or chairs available, feel free to bring your own chair or blankets.

This service is for all who want to attend. If you want to contribute some food or libation please bring it.

Please exclude any swine products. The service will end after the last word is spoken and the last mouth has been feed.

If you have some drums or other musical instrument to play, well bring that too.

A 2010 Shrine For The Born Day of Iskandar Langalibalele

May 4, 1956 - August 9, 2009

Iskandar's Blog


There is More To African Movements

"One must ask if this article was written by a disillusioned Afrikaner with a monkey on his back. While Melber tries to come across as somebody trying to spark 'a broad political debate', that cannot honestly happen based on Melber's half-baked assumptions, misrepresentations of current events, and a hidden agenda."

There is More To African Movements

Family of Sufferers

" A cell, Pelican Bay, now a world away
from your picturesque living room in the
midst of the City, the bank house
parked in a hi-rise and your Lexus
gliding over a raggd street while
a certain old ladies tired feet scurry
to carry her groceries home to safety
which your keen eyes never peeped."


Remembering Sharpeville S/Heroes of March 21, 1960

"It is in the above context that academic and community actvist associated with AHI led by Professor Dennis Brutus, Iskandar Langaliballele Mapetla, Professor Matamabnadzo, Dr. Uhuru Hotep, Mongezi Sefika wa Nkomo and Professor Jean Jacques participated in a teach-in on about March 21, the UNd Day to Eliminate Apartheid, Racism, Sexism, ageism, and all forms of constitutional and legalized discrimination including homophobia, xenophobia, religious bigotry etc.!"

Remembering Sharpeville

Reparations For America's Jim Crow Past

"Some of my personal friends tell stories of relatives caught by lynch mobs and tormented to death."

Reparations For America's Jim Crow Past

Understanding The Mortgage Mess

"We may safely assume that Wall Street bankers deliberately set up this house of cards to seize back financial control from London."

Understanding The Mortgage Mess

Brother Iskandar Langalibalele Has Transitioned

"Sadly, i must report that our strong, brilliant, revolutionary Bro. King in Struggle, Iskandar Langalibalele, made his transition at approximately 5:00 a.m. today. He was 53 years old."

Brother Iskandar Langalibalele Has Transitioned

Tributes at Mathaba Forum

Tributes at Mathaba Forum

I Have No New Poems

(Posthumously) by Iskandar Langalibalele and KonWomyn

"I have no new poems in me,
they stole those longhorns from Uganda and Southern Africa and raised them in Texas!"

There is more to African Liberation Movements

Tribute at Afrospear

Tribute at Afrospear

Quotes By Iskandar Langalibalele

"Veteran of the 80s anti-apartheid campaigns on Howard campus as well as U of Pitt, as a student organizer my people brought in several US-based as well as African-based freedom fighters on a number of campuses.

Reputedly a gritty, principled bi-coastal organizer around different US cities for several groups over three decades, I roll up street cred in the trenches fom Oakland to Philadelphia and many places in-between."

"Police repression has not only increased since last November's election, it has become bolder and outlandish, and with not one word of reform mentioned in the legislative corridors of this nation's city councils, state assemblies, or Congress."

"Therefore, any statements or feelings that the presidency of Barack Obama is in any way history-making or even 'the end of racism' grossly misrepresents reality. It smears our role as a people in the vast interwoven social fabric that produces history thru COLLECTIVE DEVELOPMENT AND INTERACTION."

"If you cannot relate, if you cannot stomach the pain that must be undergone to acquire the most precious form of freedom that we as African people crave in the innermost depths of our souls, you cannot be a revolutionary."

"It is amazing how people can accept fascism's self-definition as its identity. Death doesn't come at you to say it's the end for you forever.

It says, "you're just going to sleep, you'll wake up someday in the future or in heaven and everything will be better than this life."

Death is ugly, and fascism is death, and international finance capital is just one step from a genocidal rampage."

The Baka Pygmies of Cameroon whose lives are said to be "marked from birth til death by rituals where music and dance play an irreplaceable role."

Here find the Pygmies living in slow-motion as we contemplate regulating our own speed in our quest for good health, and in our struggle to appreciate losing Iskandar at such a vibrant young age.

This Site's Birthday Link

This Site's Birthday Link

Iskandar Lanalibalele died on 8/9/2009. He never gave up. - Clarencio Jones

Photo Credits:

"Proud Woman," Courtesy of: African Millennium Foundation, www.african-millennium.com

"Agave2." Courtesy of: John Villinski, Abstract Southwest, www.abstractsouthwest.com

African "Egghead" and Black Man in White
Courtesy of: Gene Pearson, Gene Pearson Studio, www.genepearsonsculpture.com





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