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Blogging For The Scott Sisters

I come to blog about Jamie and Gladys Scott, biological sisters serving life sentences for stealing $11.00, after engaging in several months of relative foot dragging (please learn more details of their conviction in Mississippi which was accomplished absent a shred of physical evidence at Free The Scott Sisters blog).

In thinking about approaches to this story, the same question kept resurfacing parallel to my strategizing. What was it about the Scott Sisters that kept me concentrating on any other project but theirs.

What was it about their plight that had me antsy - hesitant about digging deep.

The Scott Sisters - they are us.

That important reflection and inventory led to the realization that the trepidation was borne from a fear of imagining myself deeply rooted in their shoes.

After hundreds of reposts with short blurbs, delving into the crevices of their story would require me to face the potent conceivability that any of us could be sent away for making some miniscule error in judgment.

Carving out a writing would require me to accept that these young women could have just as easily been a bold, youthful, careless, underdeveloped Terry Howcott.

I recalled my earlier years as a dining room server, overhearing successful businessmen discussing petty street crimes that they had committed - confessing the indiscretions of their young adulthood.

I thought of how the oppressor has always managed to hyper-inflate even the most mundane events in order to suit a kind of sick itch to have control of masses of Black bodies.

These Scott Sisters are us - as they withstand a brutal punishment that in no way corresponds in fairness with their purported crime. They persist against the oppressor's disproportionate wrath even that much more, given their medical concerns, the atrocious nutritional value of their food intake, and the mountain of stressors that they endure in their daily lives.

Living under these conditions, grouped together with having to comprehend the terror that they are in prison for life for no substantive reason - are akin to attempted emotional and physical murder.

These Scott Sisters - they are us.

Their story reminds us of Africans who "talked back"- were subsequently framed - falsely accused - and hung from tree limbs with their murderers pointing and chuckling with glee.

They are us, in that they remind us of our vulnerability, and that in a persecutor's world, our Black African stories are rarely believable even when pitted against the backdrop of fantastical "White lies" and conjurings.

The Scott Sisters are us - as the vicious unfairness of their sentences remind us of how they're policies are perpetrated against us with savage velocity rather than in the crisp, thoughtful, considerate manner in which they give one another gracious "second chances."

And, yes - the Scott Sisters are us. We see it in their grueling punishment which leaves us mindful of our own barbaric impatience with one another. In the peace of stillness, we are conscious of how White supremacy - including that found in Black-face - has acculturated us (via media illustrations and online infiltration) to believe that there is never a good, understandable, or complex explanation for Black misconduct.

The Scott Sisters are us.

If in our knowledge of this, we don't work, blog, scream and shout at the top of our lungs to save them - many of us will be sick with guilt when the next one they kidnap (and make no mistake that this was a literal kidnapping) turns out to be our daughter, sister, aunt, mother or niece.

Confused and choked with grief, we will desperately seek out activist thinkers and bloggers who - through the pain and all - will gladly help to carry our message home.

Scott Sisters Hunger Strike Set

Gray-Haired Witnesses For Justice Plan Hunger Strike
at The Department of Justice, June 21, 2010

No More Banquets!

"The case of the Scott Sisters is a horrific representation of the cases of countless other Black and poor women who have been denied the benefits of true justice and been incarcerated wrongly and in the process punishing, injuring and destroying Black families and children across the nation."

Scott Sisters Hunger Strike Set For June 21

Contacts: Ruby Sales / B.J. Janice Peak-Graham
1 (706) 323-0246 /0247 spirithousedc@gmail.com

Gray Haired Witnesses For Justice

Shakeerah Adul Al-Auur
Fatirah Aziz Icffmah
Mae Jackson
Marpessa Kupendua
Debra D. Napier
B.J. Janice Peak-Graham
Ruby Nell Sales
Jamia Shepherd

Make a Contribution to the June 21st Hunger Strike Cause

Make a Contribution to the Cause

For more information, visit the Gray Haired Witnesses Blog

"We Stand in wisdom and with courage as the moral consciousness of a Nation"

Gray Haired Witnesses Blog

How To Write The Scott Sisters

(From the Scott Sisters Blog).

Jamie and Gladys need to read from you. Please let them know that you care by dropping them a card or a letter. It would mean a whole lot to them if you would do so!

If you would like to send money in, please go to www.inmatedeposits.com, register for Access Corrections and use each of their names and numbers to make your donation.

They each would be very grateful, Jamie even has to purchase her own food as the prison won't pay for her special medical diet.

Jamie Scott #19197
Area 3, Clinic Bed 7
P.O. Box 88550
Pearl, MS 39288-8550

Gladys Scott #19142
P.O. Box 88550
Pearl, MS 39288-8550

Grey Haired Witnesses For Justice

"Calling Upon a Nation"

We Stand in wisdom and with courage as the moral consciousness of a Nation

Dick Gregory Calls For Mass Support of Gray-Haired Witnesses For Justice

"This is one of the worst cases I have ever heard of in my life," exclaimed Gregory.

"My jaw dropped when I read that these women have been in prison for almost 16 years and aren't even charged with laying a hand on anyone!

(Music automatically plays at this link).

Jaw Dropping Injustice

Also please take a moment to sign the Gladys and Jamie Scott Wrongful Conviction Petition here. (Corrected link)

Gray-Haired Witnesses For Justice, Press Conference, Rally and Fast, Flier


Endorsement of The National Association of Black Social Workers

To: Gray Haired Witnesses For Justice

From: Gloria Batiste-Roberts, DPH, LMSW-AP, National President, National Association of Black Social Workers

"After reviewing the records regarding the “Scott Sisters”, conferring, with both, our people in Mississippi and our National Civil Liberties Task Force, we agreed the justice system in Mississippi has administered an appalling miscarriage of equity and fundamental fairness.

We want to join you in your quest to rectify the situation."

Note, your host was moved to concern and outrage over the imprisonment of Jamie and Gladys Scott, The Scott Sisters after receiving countless communiques on their case particularly from human rights activist Marpessa Kupendua. For me, she has provided a springboard from which to launch with her tireless commitment and through the sheer force of her work.

We can all provide that same level of influence in these Sister's behalf. Please take the time and the energy to write, blog, or talk about this case with as many people as you can.

Copyright © Terry Howcott, 2010

Terry Howcott is a Master of Social Work, speaker, activist, thinker, and writer and your host at Terryhowcott.com

She can be reached at terryhowcott@terryhowcott.com

Here find other bloggers and activists raising awareness on the outrage of the wrongful conviction and the horrific treatment of Jamie and Gladys Scott, and other relevant links.

For Jamie Scott, an $11 Robbery in Mississippi May Carry a Death Sentence

"According to Jamie Scott's family, in the six weeks since her condition became life-threatening, she has endured faulty or missed dialysis sessions, infections, and other complications."

For Jamie Scott, an $11 Robbery in Mississippi May Carry a Death Sentence

Two Life Sentences For $11.00

"Time has passed slowly for these sisters as they watched from behind bars as their five children grew into adults and mourned the loss of their father.

They have felt the pain of exhausting all their legal remedies while being denied relief at every level."

Two Life Sentences For $11.00

Scott Sisters Rally

February 25 rally at the Mississippi State Capitol on behalf of the Scott Sisters, Jamie and Gladys Scott falsely imprisoned for double life sentences each for the alleged theft of $11.

Cruel and Unusual Health Care

"A Sick System"

Cruel and Unusual Health Care

Justice For the Scott Sisters: An Update

"Most immediately, the life of Jamie Scott is being endangered due to the prison's ongoing and cruel medical negligence.

She is being denied the urgent medical care she needs for both malfunctioning kidneys and she has an infection that has spread throughout her body."

Justice For the Scott Sisters: An Update

Gray-Haired Witnesses For Justice

Jamie Scott's Son, 18, Fights to Free The Scott Sisters in Mississippi

"And it haunts Jamie's son too, who was only 2 when his mother and auntie were snatched away from him."

Jamie Scott's Son, 18, Fights to Free The Scott Sisters

Scott Sister Trial Transcripts

(PDF File)

Trial Transcripts

More Details of Jamie and Gladys Scott Case

"After receiving generous plea deals in exchange for testimony, Howard and Gregory Patrick also testified against the sisters."

More Details of Jamie and Gladys Scott Case

Make The Call: Help Jamie Scott

by Ifama

Compassionate Release For Jamie Scott

"Witnesses and the two alleged victims testified that the sisters had absolutely nothing to do with this robbery and also testified that the sheriff coerced and threatened them to lie on the Scott Sisters."

Compassionate Release For Jamie Scott

Free The Scott Sisters

Home of The Brave

(Great post from Sis. Marpessa.)

Given the arrest and conviction of the Scott Sisters took place in the town of Pearl, here find Nina Simone's relevant contribution, Mississippi Goddamn - Live.

If "The Scott Sisters Are Us" then:

None Of Us Are Free

"You better listen my Sisters and Brothers, because if you do, you can hear there are voices still calling across the years.

And they're all crying across the oceans, and they're crying acros the land - and they will until we come to understand:

None of us are free, if one of us is chained."

Help Free The Scott Sisters, Wrongfully Incarcerated, Denied Proper Medical Care, MS

"Then they will put an inmate in solitary confinement who has health problems due to them writing letters or grievances trying to get help."

Help Free The Scott Sisters, Wrongfully Incarcerated

Scott Sisters; Not the First Time Mississippi Has Mistreated Ill, Black Prisoners

(Fantastic work here).

"Reiter had several weeks ago told me that when Kennard was attempting to enter Mississippi Southern College in December 1958 that he had been approached by individuals with possible plans to prevent Kennard's going through with his attempt . . "

Not the First Time

Terrible Case of The Scott Sisters

"Wherever the truth lies, trial transcripts clearly reveal a the case based on the highly questionable testimony of two of the teenaged co-defendants - who had turned state’s evidence against the Scott sisters in return for eight-year sentences - and a prosecutor who appears determined to demonize the two young women.."

Terrible Case

Scott Roeder, Murderer of Abortion Doctor Gets Same Sentence as Scott Sisters Over $11.00

Scott Roeder Gets Same Sentence as Scott Sisters

Jamie Scott Call/Needed With Press

"The other women were awakened by the Warden and told to scrub the mold off of the walls and they also refused!

They told the Warden that they were glad that everybody is finding out about their horrible living conditions and that the building needs to be torn down!"

Jamie Scott Call/Needed With Press

Soul Patrol Support For Scott Sisters and Gray Haired Witnesses For Justice Synopsis of Successful Press Conference, Rally, Protest

Gray Haired Witnesses For Justice Synopsis


Scott Sisters To Be Released

Unconscionable Sentence is Suspended!

Congratulations to the Scott Sisters' Family, to Sis. Marpessa and the Grey Haired Witnesses For Justice and to any and everybody who made a contribution in helping to get the word out!

Scott Sisters To Be Released

Scott Sisters, 2011

Find more work on the general matter of the Prison Industrial Complex at The Slippery Slope to Slavery

Photo Credits:

"Proud Woman," Courtesy of: African Millennium Foundation, www.african-millennium.com

"Agave2." Courtesy of: John Villinski, Abstract Southwest, www.abstractsouthwest.com

African "Egghead" and Black Man in White
Courtesy of: Gene Pearson, Gene Pearson Studio, www.genepearsonsculpture.com

Top Photos

Very top photo is of Jamie Scott when she was released from prison to attend her sister's funeral. Gladys Scott was not allowed to attend.

The Scott Sisters are said to no longer resemble their photos. Jamie Scott has suffered complete renal failure at age 38.

She suffers from prison-onset diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression. Just before suffering renal failure, she was reportedly tossed into solitary confinement for over 20 days without medication.





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