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June 4, 2009

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Charles H. Wright Museum of
African American History
315 E. Warren Ave
Detroit, MI 48201

* Friday, July 24, 2009
* Saturday, July 25, 2009
* Sunday, July 26, 2009

*Oyatunde Amakisi Announces DWC
International Film Festival

Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival


Oyatunde Amakisi
Chief Executive Officer
The Detroit Women of Color
International Film Festival
(313) 429 0796

Terry Howcott, MSW

Detroit, MI - June 4, 2009 The Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival is proud to announce its third annual event with a stunning array of films and workshops.

DWC International Film Festival CEO Oyatunde Amakisi said that the event will be held starting Friday, July 24 and ending Sunday, July 26, 2009 at the world-renowned Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

Complimenting a workshop presentation at the event by great actress extraordinaire Lonette Mckee will be an intimate dialogue with several insightful Detroit women filmmakers including Alicia Smythe (Nadir's Distorted Soul), Ryan Myers (3 Colors), and Danielle Eliska Lyle (HIPHOP Aesthetics: The 5 Senses, Part 1-SIGHT).

DWC International Film Festival seeks to confront an ever-growing challenge of "regaining the power of self-definition and self-representation," and is poised and uniquely prepared for the task.

This stand-out event, running three consecutive days features a powerful lineup of films broaching topics from love and romance, birth-control and abortion to the intriguing world of graffiti art.

The films are conceptualized, produced and directed by some of the most imposing, accomplished talent to climb the cinematic landscape in recent years. They are women who range the indigenous terrain, from African American, Continental African, Asian, Caribbean, Latino, Middle Eastern and Native American. They are visionaries who reflect through their work broad cultural perspectives meeting the needs of a wide array of women's concerns.

Correspondingly, the DWC Film Festival audience spans every racial and cultural reality, is young and old alike, and hails from across the geographical spectrum in the US and Canada. Oyatunde Amakisi artfully fashioned this diverse environment by staying true to her aim to "make sure everybody hears our stories," and to prescribe women-produced film "as a tool of healing and empowerment."

Ms. Amakisi hints, "this year's DWC International Film Festival is expected to far exceed the few hundred participants from last year's event." She concludes from exit polling from previous events that the key draw of the festival is that her audience "trusts that we are not afraid to expose them to some of the most sensitive topics of socio-political significance."

Oyatunde Amakisi, along with her deep reservoir of sponsors (including The Third Eye Group, The Museum of African American History, The Michigan Citizen, www.afluentmag.com, www.afrikanspiritcards.com and www.terryhowcott.com) urges you to attend this critical event while also "looking to the future as the Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival, 2009 works to 'reel' in more animation, romance, tough issues and more Sister filmmakers from around the world in the years to come."


Sampling From a List of Twenty-Five Films to Be Presented at
The Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival, 2009

Montage#1, Silence
Rashin Fahandej and Katherine Toukhy

US / 2008 / 5 Minutes

The artists seek to highlight the place of women and women's rights on a world stage dominated by polarizing forces of western imperialism and eastern fundamentalisms.

HIP HOP Aesthetics: The 5 Senses, Part 1 - SIGHT Danielle Eliska Lyle
US /2009 / 30 Minutes

To Generation X, the essential 5 elements of survival are air, water, fire, earth and HIP HOP. HIP HOP is more than Dirty Dozens on playgrounds, cardboard on sidewalks, b-boxing contests and tagged freeway overpasses - it is liberation through expression and sound.

HIP HOP Aesthetics: The 5 Senses is a documentary series on the elements of HIP HOP in Detroit. We get up close and personal with two of Detroit's finest - SINTEX, the Graffiti guru and Fel'le, the Airbrush don. They stimulate our visual, bringing us to a climax while we feast on eye candy in Part I - SIGHT.

Nadir's Distorted Soul
Alicia Smythe

Detroit, Michigan, USA / 2009 / 9:20 minutes

An exclusive snapshot of Detroit recording artist, Singer/songwriter and producer Nadir & the music of Distorted Soul - includes a discussion with Detroit filmmaker Alicia Smyth, J. Nadir and Akanke Omowale. Nadir will perform live and CDs will be available for sale.

Silent Choices
Faith Pennick

US / 2007/ 60 minutes

Silent Choices is about abortion and its impact on the lives of African American women. This is a "hybrid" documentary: part historical piece, part social and religious analysis and part first-person narrative. From African American's cautious involvement with Margaret Sanger during the early birth control movement to black nationalists and civil rights activists who staunchly opposed abortion (or stayed silent on the issue). Silent Choices examines the juxtaposition of racial and reproductive politics.

When the Spirits Dance Mambo Cuando los Espiritus Bailan Mambo
Directed by Dr. Marta Moreno Vega & Robert Shepard

US / 2002 / 90 minutes
Spanish with English subtitles

A triumphant voyage of faith and power, "Cuando los Esp'ritus Bailan Mambo"/"When the Spirits Dance Mambo" is a real life testament of strength and triumph of the human spirit. Tracing the role of sacred African thought and practices in the formation of Cuban society, culture and music, it is a tribute to the spiritual energy that traveled from West Africa to Cuba and New York.

A Fish Never Sleeps
Directed by Gaelle Denis

United Kingdom / 2002 / 1:10 minutes / animation

Naoko is a complete insomniac. She has tried everything to get to sleep. She works in her own sushi restaurant and she lives close to the Tsukiji Market, the biggest fish market in the world.

3 Colors
Ryan Myers (who will also be present for discussion after the film)

Detroit, Michigan, USA / 2006 / 7:10 minutes

3 Colors is an experimental study of the urban female psyche. The lives of three culturally distinct Brooklynites are explored utilizing dance, experimental editing and photography.

I Love You
Directed by Sabrina Moella

Canada / 2008 / 4 minutes

Three words that many people are afraid to say . . . Janice is an independent and organized black woman. Chris is a relaxed and creative black man. Although madly in love with each other, when they decide to move in together, they quickly realize that there is a thin line between love and hate.



$15.00 - Friday, July 24, 2009
$15.00 - Sunday, July 26, 2009

Film Special

$25.00 - For Both Film Dates: Friday, July 24 and Sunday, July 26


Four Workshops on Saturday, July 25, 2009 are $65.00 each.

They will include a presentation and discussion with veteran Broadway-screen actor, filmmaker, educator Lonette Mckee, Kathy McKee, owner of Kathy McKee Casting, and veteran actor, educator, filmmaker, and co-founder of the Trinity Film Coalition, Marshalle Montgomery.

Michigan Women in Film and Television President Serenity Sherie Boston will also share her considerable knowledge and experience at the DWC International Film Festival Screenwriting workshop (Please see website for more details).

The Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival


"When The Spirits Dance Mambo"

"I Love You"

These trailers reflect only two of the twenty-five films
you can expect to see at Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival.

When The Spirits Dance Mambo

"I Love You"

by Sabrina Moella

This website is honored to be a sponsor of the
2009 Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival.

Terry Howcott is a Master of Social Work, speaker, activist, thinker, writer and your host at Terryhowcott.com

She can be reached at terryhowcott@terryhowcott.com

Photo Credits:

"Proud Woman," Courtesy of: African Millennium Foundation, www.african-millennium.com

"Agave2." Courtesy of: John Villinski, Abstract Southwest, www.abstractsouthwest.com

African "Egghead" and Black Man in White
Courtesy of: Gene Pearson, Gene Pearson Studio, www.genepearsonsculpture.com

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Still image from "I Love You" by Sabrina Moella.

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Logo from Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival.

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