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Perhaps the greatest,
most majestic song
ever scribed and performed:

"To Be Young Gifted And Black" (And That's A Fact!)


To be young, gifted and Black. Oh what a lovely precious dream.

To be young, gifted and Black. Open your heart to what I mean.

In the whole world you know. There's a billion boys and girls who are young, gifted and Black!

And thats a fact!

You are young, gifted and Black. We must begin to tell our young.

There's a world waiting for you. Yours is the quest that's just begun.

And, when you're feeling real low, there's a great truth that you should know. To be young gifted and Black, your souls intact!

(You here what I say!?!)

To be young, gifted and Black. Oh how I long to know the truth.

There are times when I look back, and I am haunted by my youth.

But, my joy of today, is that we can all be proud to say . . .

To be young, gifted and Black, is where it's at!! Is where it's at!! Is where it's at!!

Young, Gifted and Black was written and first performed by Nina Simone on the album Black Gold (1970). It was also the title cut of an Aretha Franklin album in 1972.

Nina Simone and The Gun

Also, Simone on Music as a Political Weapon:

"As a political weapon it has helped me for 30 years defend the rights of American blacks and third world people all over the world, to defend them with protest songs."

Nina Simone and The Gun



At Women on The Front Line

Four Women


At Dear Oscar Grant


Live in London

Another Spring

Nina Simone The Emotional Depths of the Spirit World

"Although this style of singing has sometimes been described as letting it all hang out or letting one’s self go, there is a huge amount of discipline and artistry required to successfully execute these kinds of performances where the artist clearly becomes a vessel ridden by some invisible force."

Nina Simone The Emotional Depths of the Spirit World

The Sound of Silence

Human Kindness Day Honours Nina Simone

"One thing that made me wonder and that is why the crowd of Human Kindness Day was 99% black… "

Human Kindness Day Honours Nina Simone

Nina Simone forged a brilliant career without compromise

"I didn't like America. I never did . . . I think they'll sell themselves, their souls, their brothers, sisters, and their mothers for money."

Nina Simone forged a brilliant career without compromise

Nina Simone Live at Ronnie Scott's

(56 Minutes)

Nina Simone: She Cast A Spell - and Made a Choice

"With a voice that embodied the pain and power of the scattered African diaspora and classic West African facial features that suggested a short distance between the Tyron, North Carolina of her birth and Kwame Nkrumuh's Ghana, Nina Simone couldn't help being political."

Nina Simone: She Cast A Spell - and Made a Choice

House of the Rising Sun

A Powerful Voice for Black Liberation

"Simone credits the great black playwright Lorraine Hansberry as the person who “allowed me to see the bigger picture”. Hansberry, she said, “saw civil rights as only one part of the wider racial and class struggle”.

"When the Hansberry died of cancer at the age of 34, Simone wrote and recorded a song in her honour. Its title, “To Be Young, Gifted and Black”, was the name of the play Hansberry was writing at the time of her death. The song went on to become an anthem of the civil rights movement."

A Powerful Voice for Black Liberation

Nina Simone, Live 1961 - 1962

The haunting genius of the queen of the blues

"When I listen to Nina Simone, I feel as if I am living inside the song with her.

Her voice pulls you into her world, a world of poverty, racism, a world that kills schoolchildren in Alabama, a world that makes your heart heavy, your heart soar.

She had a way of making me join her as I listen, as if I were marching with her. Angry at her angers; sad with her sadness."

The haunting genius of the queen of the blues

"If I had my way . . . "

This tune "Mississippi Goddamn" was written after the church bombing of at unresolved case of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama that killed four little Black girls, Adie Mae Collins, 14, Carol Denise McNair, 11, Carole Rosamond Robertson, 14, and Cynthia Wesley, 14.

Excellent version live.

"Mississippi Goddamn"

Ne Me Quitte Pas

Nina Simone: And She Meant Every Word of It

"There were many ups and downs between those two low financial points Simone always characterized record companies as “pirates.”

Nina Simone: And She Meant Every Word of It



"There was something about the heaviness in the timbre of Simone's voice and the lightness of her fingers on the piano keys that produced a sound of tremendous joy and tremendous sorrow -- simultaneously."

Nina Simone Bio at Salon.com


"Actually, it's hard to compare you to anybody.
Well, thank you."

Breaks her silence

This is a fantastic tribute website to Nina Simone. It's just a little on the loud side so turn down your sound before you click.

High Priestess

Black Is The Color

"Black is her beauty, her soul of gold . . . "

Black Is The Color

A Tribute to Nina Simone


Forever Young, Gifted and Black


Charcoal of Simone

Another Spring

(Audio Only. Beautiful.)


Official Obituary

"Unrivaled legendary status as one of the very last 'griots." She is and will ever be the ultimate songstress and storyteller of our times."

Official Biography

Nina Simone, sitting with Kwame Ture (also known as Stokely Charmichael) Nina Simone and Kwame Ture at Chicken Bones

How It Feels to Be Free, 1976 Montreux

*Nina Simone Has Died

Nina Simone Has Died

*Just Give Me Equality

Just Give Me Equality

*NPR Interview and Obituary

NPR Obituary

Everyone's Gone to The Moon

(Audio Only)

*Powerful voice for Black liberation

Powerful voice for Black liberation

Obituary: Nina Simone

(Who was adamantly not a jazz singer).

"At the height of her fame she was closely associated with the black civil rights movement, connected with both the radical black playwright Lorraine Hansberry and the controversial Malcolm X."

Obituary: Nina Simone

Remembering Nina Simone


Remembering Nina Simon



Nina Simone Memorial Project

Nina Simone Memorial Project

Nina Simone at "Get that smoke away from those delicate Lungs"

Nina Simone Memorial Project

Nina Simone Sculpture Preview

Nina Simone Plaza, Tryon, North Carolina

"Take Me to The Water"

(Beginning construction of Nina Simone Plaza at her birthplace.)


"You slavers will know what it's like to be a slave . . . slave to your heart, slave to your soul . . . "

Visit Part 2 of this panel here)

"I left this country because I didn't like this country - I didn't like what it was doing to my people."

"Mississippi Goddamn, all of the 'controversial songs' the industry decided to punish me for, and they put out a boycott on my records . . . "

- Nina Simone

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