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Some History, The Outrage, The Pain and Some Solutions

Being no expert in economics, one can always rely on raw, inherent understanding of "Revolutionary Fairness" as a guiding principle.

Knowing who should inherit the earth, and staying mindful of who suffers while others pillage and ravage is what guides choices of materials you will find at this gallery panel (and throughout this site).

In fact, viewing economics through this prism - exposing facts that are deliberately omitted from the economic historical record may be the most skilled, accomplish approach to the subject matter which is perhaps (one reason) why your host at this site failed econ so many times.

Learning lies and distortions born from schemes that pass for proper education, and that imply the world is flat was never an intellectually rewarding or stimulating proposition.

Looting Africa: The Economics of Exploitation

"Aid is often a poisoned chalice that comes with demands that markets be opened to Western economic interests."

The Economics of Exploitation

Africa's Wealth For Africans

"Mining giant De Beers details in one report that Africa produces about 76 percent of the world's supply of diamonds valued at US$10 billion."

Africa's Wealth For Africans

Corruption as a Consequence of Colonialism: As Portrayed in Achebe's The African Trilogy

"Colonialism, quite apart from tearing apart a culture which was truly democratic, had created a new set of attitudes towards material wealth, and for the Igbo people and their neighbours it had created a situation from which there was no turning back."

Corruption as a Consequence of Colonialism

Africa: Life After Colonialism

Life After Colonialism

Economic War

The Ravaging of Africa (Audios)

A Four Part Series

1. Economic Wars

2. Corporate Plunder

3. Militarizing Africa

4. African Resistance

Economic Wars

(From the great blog, uprisingradio.org)

Black Wall Street

"Little Africa"

Part 3 of 12

(There are some gruesome pictures of the deceased included in this documentary depicting the burning down of Greenwood, and the mass murder of many of its beautiful people which occurred less than 100 years ago.

Black Wall street was a prosperous, energetic Black community with homes and businesses abound.

This all in the name of White supremacy, jealousy, and putting an end to African progress).

"And the 'niggers' in these houses they would shout . . . "

Part 4

Also find the "When Tulsa Burned" at this link, and look for more there later.

"Over 3,000 Black people were killed, buried in mass graves or thrown into the river; 503 houses were destroyed, and the once self-sufficient black business district no longer existed.

Many families seeking refuge bought one-way tickets out-of-town, leaving behind remnants of their history, their homes, and their community wealth." - Black Wallstreet, 1921

Natural Capital, Sustainable Economics

"Rarely has the planet concurrently experienced such peril. Policy profiteering from Tibet to Angola has ensured the commodification of every inch of "discovered" land."

Natural Capital, Sustainable Economics

How Racism Sparked the Financial Crisis

How Racism Sparked the Financial Crisis


The Fourth Principle

(Also see 'What in the World is Kwanzaa' at this link).

Black Wealth: Non Transferable

Black Wealth: Non Transferable

Black Economics: Solutions for Economic and Community Empowerment

Solutions for Economic and Community Empowerment

How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America

Manning Marable

How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America

High Cost of Being Poor

"Lower-income homeowners “can pay as much as $300 more for home insurance than those in higher income neighborhoods,” the report said."

High Cost of Being Poor

PowerNomics: A Vision Beyond The Dream, Part 2

(As is always the case at this site, weighty decisions are made about the merits of any given argument, vs. its setbacks.

There are occasional positions Dr. Anderson takes particularly on the matter of Latino-Latina folk that could be stated with more thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

Just as with our aim to appreciate the beauty of Hip Hop, we must be smart enough to hear the bitter with the sweet.

As one who was a big supporter of "African Town" - having read the proposal - the basic themes of PowerNomics are fair, intelligent and worthy of your our consideration and appreciation).

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Also note, though that "Willie Lynch is Dead," and of course not only were many native folk and Africans friends and comrades, but it is critical to do battle against mass murder and domination no matter toward whom it is perpetrated.

(As all of these are reviewed in their entirety, there may need to be further clarification about the position of this site vs. that of the speaker, King Anderson).

Credit, Conspicuous Consumption and Crisis

"There is simply nothing in existing data to suggest that Black people's consumption is any more conspicuous, foolish, or short-sighted than anyone else's.

Even in the categories where Blacks outspend Whites in many instances they are simply paying more than Whites for the same goods and services rather than consuming more (transportation and food are primary examples)."

Credit, Conspicuous Consumption and Crisis

Predatory Lending Caused the Meltdown, 2008

Dedrick Muhammad

"Such loans initially begin with low interest payments that balloon after a short period to much higher rates, with big penalties for early repayment.

“Banks take advantage of the ‘financial illiteracy’ in the Black community,” said one panelist, who went on to indicate that many prospective buyers don’t read the fine print."

Predatory Lending Caused the Meltdown

Hidden Cost of Being Black

How Wealth Perpetuates Inequality

Hidden Cost of Being Black

(Also, here is the author's discussion at npr)

Interrogating the Great Depression

Interrogating the Great Depression

Cornel West, Muhammad Ali, Dr. King, Malcolm X, Maulana Karenga, A young Bill Cosby discusses slavery).

(Forgive the background psychodrama accompaniment. This is a beautiful compilation).

Which Way For Black Labor: Unionists Seek path to "Economic Development"

"The decline in Black living standards cannot be reversed by Black entrepreneurialism that benefits only a few, and is itself often dependent on the earning power of Black working people."

Which Way For Black Labor

Muhammad Ali's Main Bout With Black Economics

"Ezra will chronicle Muhammad Ali's capture of economic control of his boxing career from his all-white management team. He will also explore the responses to this decision by various black and white newspapers and investigate how Ali's Vietnam draft resistance affected the business elements of his boxing career."

Muhammad Ali's Main Bout

Tough Times Ahead

Tough Times Ahead

The New Administration Can Stop Wage Theft - and Stimulate the Economy

"Develop a plan for quadrupling the wage and hour’s enforcement staff.

There are fewer than 750 enforcement staffers to protect 130 million workers in 7 million workplaces."

Stop Wage Theft

Former Congresswoman and Presidential Candidate Cynthia Mckinney on the Economic Crisis

Economic Stratification

Economic Stratification

In Search of Liberation Oriented Economics

Black Labor Fights 'Disorder' of Globalization

"By necessity, Black labor finds itself unable to save African Americans unless it strives to rescue the nation and humanity at-large from the depredations of hyper-capital."

'Disorder' of Globalization

Walmart and the Economic Destruction of Black Communities

"Apparently some among Black leadership believe that businesses, no matter how exploitative, are always good for their needy communities."

Walmart and the Economic Destruction

Black Star Line: A Case Study in Black Politics and Economics

"As a result, the UNIA sold Black Star shares to African descendants living in United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Africa. These stock sales raised about $750,000 to finance the shipping line which was to carry cargo and passengers between the Americas, the Caribbean and West Africa."

Black Star Line

Find more on Marcus Garvey's incredible "Black Star Line" here

On Time

Voices From The Time of Slavery

Fountain Hughes

"Never bought so much as a shirt on time"

Three Audio Essays From Mumia Abu Jamal on The Economy

Silent Riot on Wall Street

"The company segregated residents by race and by rank, which determined the size and location of houses. Community high schools prepared steelworkers’ sons for jobs at the mill, reserving training in skilled jobs for whites. "

Silent Riot on Wall Street

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

On Madoff

Mumia Abu Jama on Madoff

Omali Yeshitela: The Economic Crisis

Omali Yeshitela before the election with some heartbreaking numbers reflecting how this economic situation especially affects Black people.

The Collapse of Low-Skilled Wages, 1998

Wage Decline and Inequality Increase

"They mean that the growth of earnings inequality among men was due mainly to the sharp drop in the earnings of less-educated workers rather than to increases for college-educated ones."

The Collapse of Low-Skilled Wages

A Brief Economic History of Modern Baltimore

A Brief Economic History of Modern Baltimore

Slaves to The Marketplace: Economic Liberty and Black Rebelliousness in the Old South

Economic Liberty and Black

Rebelliousness in the Old South

Anatomy of Racial Inequality

Glenn C. Loury


Anatomy of Racial Inequality

Black Church Economics

Black Church Economics

Minding Your Money, Part 1

(NPR, Audio).

What Black People Buy

Black Children and Financial Literacy

(NPR, Audio).

Black Children, Financial Literacy

Angela Davis is Still Untabeable

"The military-industrial complex was developed during the Vietnam War. The armament industry and the military institutions became the central actors of the economy and of American culture, linking businesses, the media, politicians, and the military brass.

In this process, the prisons became an essential element of the national economy, and to an increasing degree, of internationalized economy.

And when one sees that politicians, businesses, the media all have an interest in the expansion of the punishment industry, we see a great similarity between the prison industrial complex and the military-industrial complex."

Angela Davis is Still Untameable

What's Wrong and How to Improve

President Obama Budget

President Obama Budget

Uhuru Solidarity

White people in solidarity with the liberation of African and African people worldwide

Uhuru Solidarity

Black Advances Erode

PDF File

Economic Gains of 1990s Overturned From 2000-2007

Black Advances Erode

No Exit in Black: Trapped by the Economy and Politics

"Poor Black people are about to become the victims of a great political betrayal that is as predictable as it is awful."

Trapped by the Economy

White Recession, Black Depression

"A deep national recession will decrease the Black middle class by a staggering 33%."

White Recession, Black Depression

Political Economy of Black Music

"Black music exists in a neo-colonial relationship with the $12 billion music industry, which consist of six record companies . . . "

Political Economy of Black Music

Jobless Hit With Bank Fees on Benefits

"Even when they're collecting unemployment benefits, they're paying the bank just to get the money - or even to call customer service to complain about it."

Unemployed workers outraged over charges to inquire on benefits.

Bank Fees on Benefits

People of Color Face Historic Wealth Loss

"People of color have collectively lost between $164 billion to $213 billion over the past eight years."

People of Color Face Historic Wealth Loss

What the Bankruptcy Bill Could Do to You

"The U.S. Senate has passed a dream bill for credit card and financial service companies that, if passed by the House, will land millions of American families in debt slavery."

Debt Slavery

Language of Looting

"How neoliberals falsify the West’s political history"

Language of Looting

City Sues Bank for "Race-Based" Predatory Lending

"Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon sues Wells Fargo on behalf of the city for targeting black neighborhoods in predatory mortgage loans."

City Sues Bank - "Race-Based" Predators

Poor People Protest Predatory Lending Practices by Wells Fargo

"Many predatory lending victims have lost their homes, said Mr. Mayers.

“They’re sort of ‘bait and switch’ and people don’t know the kind of loan they’re going to get and then they find out” when it’s too late.

“Our new study actually shows that people of color, particularly African Americans, are much more likely to be singled out for some of these bad loans."

Predatory Lending Practices by Wells Fargo

History of Racism From The Colour of Money

(Here find Part 6 of the documentary which discusses how Western enslavement of African peoples affected Black economic conditions from then to now. Note various footage of Detroit).

Visitors from "Stolen Land" at "Reparations For Barbaric Enslavement of African People" return at this link to pick up more resources on the extent to which a system of enslavement carries on to this day.

Visitors from Examining the Great in Great Britain return here.

The Numbers Game in Harlem

(Entrepreneurial genius).

The Numbers Game in Harlem

A Country Awash in Money, But Going Broke

"There is unimaginable wealth in this country.

There are more than 400 billionaires and a great many more fabulously rich persons whose wealth amounts to something less than a billion."

A Country Awash in Money

Understanding Radical Disparities in Health: The Income-Wealth Paradox (pdf)

The Income-Wealth Paradox

Cuts "Leave Black Youth to Die" in United Kingdom

"Black youths within this country have been left to die.

And that's a very strong statement but it's a statement that seems to be borne out through evidence about black youths who seem to be at the top of the list when it comes to our youngsters being killed."

Cuts "Leave Black Youth to Die"

Haiti, Racism and Poverty

"The people of Haiti are as poor as any human beings can be."

Haiti, Racism and Poverty

The Exploitation of Africa's Land and People

"As it relates to available resources, Africa has surpassed the Middle East as the greatest supplier of oil to the United States responsible for 24 percent of the oil used here.

Over 80 percent of the coltan used by companies like Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson and Sony for many of the world’s electronic devices such as cell phones, computers and DVD players comes from Africa."

Exploitation of Africa's Land and People

The financial meltdown:Roots of the economic crisis in overaccumulation, financialisation and "global apartheid"

Roots of the economic crisis

Dr. Cornel West on Democracy Now

"It'll be that third wave of the Hip Hop community that has to transcend this market driven hedonism and materialism and narcissism."

(And of course, I strongly contest Dr. West's notion of folk being "weak."

A strong and gallant people who are kicked in the knees are not weak - they have been assaulted, and are injured).

The Family of Sufferers

"Maroon general yesterday
commando mon capitan legendary
leitmotif of revolutionary artifice
stepped back from the fray, keen to
bosses dogging workers, defiant of
presidents imprisoning Africans and
bombing isles, fighting striving for
principles ethics liberation"

The Family of Sufferers

Number of Black Children in Extreme Poverty

(What welfare reform was really about)

Black Children in Extreme Poverty

Reparations For Barbaric Enslavement of African People, Brutal Aftermath and Institutionalized Arrested Development

Reparations For Barbaric Enslavement

Their House of Cards is Falling

"Within two weeks of the hurricane, the number of private security companies registered in Louisiana jumped from 185 to 235."

The House of Cards is Falling

Kwame Zulu Shabazz Knows Sumthin' About This Topic

We Must End Poverty

Black Folks and Downward Mobility

Black Folks and Downward Mobility

Glen Ford

Not Slave, Not Free

Black Economic Experience Since the Civil War

Not Slave, Not Free

The Poor Get Diabetes, The Rich Get Local and Organic

"First off, the group expressed an immediate consensus that fresh, inexpensive food -- the food they generally preferred -- was unavailable in their neighborhood."

The Poor Get Diabetes, The Rich Get Local and Organic

Ending the Lockout and Resuming Our Place as a Race of Master Builders

Race of Master Builders

Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign

With Davey D

(Brother mentions 'conservative values' - meaning he may not realize he's describing progressive thought)

Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign

Almost No Black Economists at Highest Ranking Universities

"Professor Gregory Price of Jackson State University says that in his view the near total absence of blacks on the economics faculty at our nation's leading universities "reflects deliberate racial exclusion."

Almost No Black Economists

People's Grocery

(Increasing Earning Potential)

Alternative Economics - A Missing Component in the Black Community

"This article reiterates the importance of economic content in Africana Studies and proposes that even when economics is taught the focus is on poverty and theories about scarcity, competition, and discrimination without analyses of group economics, game theory, or alternative economic institutions.

African American Studies curricula do not provide students with the methodological tools to theorize and apply Black political economic analysis."

Alternative Economics

A Dietary, Social, Economic Evaluation of Philadelphia Urban Gardening

"The mean economic value of the 151 plots was $161 per year.

The authors note this was likely an underestimate since early plantings and flowers were not included."

Evaluation of Philadelphia Urban Gardening

Moving the Economy Ahead

"But for people with criminal records, the prospects of inclusion in the national recovery are dismal.

It's not enough to create a job when a quick criminal background check will result in so many people losing it or not getting it at all.

Those with prior convictions will be excluded from the game before the starting whistle sounds."

Moving the Economy Ahead

US Get Grameen Micro-Credit Bank

"If this one works it will change the whole future of banking in the whole world"

US Get Grameen

Grassroots Mobilization: Cobo Hall Victory

"The Council has lately given away the Zoo, Eastern Market, and the Detroit Historical Museum.
The city has raised our water rates and shut our water off."

"We don’t want any more privatization. No to the sale of the tunnel, any parts of the water department and the regionalization of Cobo Hall. Unprivatize everything else—give everything back.”

Cobo Hall Victory

Extreme Inequality: Race and The Mortgage Meltdown

Job Losses Hit Black Men Hardest

Some 8 percent of Black men have lost their jobs since November 2007

Job Losses Hit Black Men Hardest

Money Changers in The Temple

Mumia Abu Jamal


"Under that illogic, they will swallow the moon."

Money Changers in The Temple

Cornel West

" . . . oligarchic, plutocratic, pigmentocractic . . . the chickens come home to roost."

Black People Deserve More From Social Security

(pdf file from blackeconomics.org)

Black People Deserve More

Africa Without African Americans

"It's urgent and imperative therefore that all leaders of African descent understand the 'geo-strategic economics' of how the world was fashioned into this current state.

Otherwise they are, by default, perpetuating a world system rooted in irresolvable inequities."

Africa Without African Americans

Which Way For Africa

"Africa must understand that its richest resource is its people."

Which Way For Africa

Economic Depression, Black People, and Foreclosure Plan, Part 1

Part 2

NAACP: Bank Giants Steered Black People to Bad Loans

(And you had better believe they smiled all the while).

Banks Targeted Black People

Obama's Bad Bank Plan Could Destroy His Promising Presidency

"The continuing slump leaves the budget deficit even larger than projected. State and local government keep cutting programs and laying off workers because the stimulus package is not large enough to make up for their revenue gap--and these cutbacks and layoffs contribute to deepening recession."

Bad Bank Plan

Black Economist Weighs Nation's Crisis

(NPR, Audio)

Black Economist Weighs Nation's Crisis

The Present Economic Crisis in World Capitalist System - and Prospects For the Left

"But, as we can now see with the benefit of hindsight, its hopes were to be shattered and its illusions cruelly exposed by the white minority colonial settlement in SA in 1910, by the outbreak of a vicious intra-imperialist war in 1914, and by the spectacular global capitalist crisis that began in 1929."

Prospects For the Left

Petty Bourgeoisie in Crisis and Conflict

"The youth have little use for leaders, anymore, because the rhetoric of the black middle class has too many deficiencies and not enuf depth.

This class fails to link capitalism with parasitism on the black community."

Petty Bourgeoisie in Crisis and Conflict


As described by Dr. Maulana Karenga, Founder of Kwanzaa

Only Six Million Acres: The Decline of Black Owned Land in the Rural South


The Decline of Black Owned Land in the Rural South

Economic Survival of Black Physicians

Swimming in turbulent waters


Economic Survival of Black Physicians

Unity: A must for Black prosperity and survival

"Black Unity: the untried key"

Unity: A must for Black prosperity and survival

Black Working Class Institution Survives for 20 Years in Spite of Economic Downturn

"The African Village Survival Initiative includes collective survival programs such as a network of community gardens, solar paneling and rainwater purification that can be found throughout this country including Oakland, CA. AVSI also includes economic development institutions such as a commercial kitchen and recording studio that create real local sustainable community commerce, currently in St. Petersburg, Florida."

Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles

Black Working Class Institution Survives for 20 Years

Current economic recovery is crushing Black America

"The current recovery is not designed to stop the economic free-fall of Black America."

Current economic recovery is crushing Black America

Visual Geographic Display of The Decline

Unemployment Rates buy County From January 2007 - September 2009

Visual Geographic Display

Study Shows Blacks Will NEVER Gain Wealth Parity With Whites Under the Current System, May 2010

"By 2007, the white household had become 20 times richer than its Black counterpart.”

Study Shows Blacks Will NEVER Gain Wealth Parity

Dedrick Muhammad, Jared Ball Debate on Minister Louis Farrakhan and Black Economics


Dedrick Muhammad , Jared Ball Debate

Part 2

Part 2

Part 3

Part 3

Barbara Sizemore, Part 2

On Capitalism

The Real History And Contemporary Character of Black Economic Empowerment

History, Contemporary Character of Black Economics


The Queen

(I'm not sure how to analyze this monkey at the end, but we know that sometimes in order to produce such uniqueness, one may have to submit to some sillyness in the end).

A Dream Deferred

by Langston Hughes

What happens to a dream deferred? Does it
dry up
like a raisin in the sun?

Or fester like a sore
And then run?

Does it sink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over -
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

On Black Wallstreet, the dollar circulated 36 to 100 times, sometimes taking a whole year to leave the business district in North Tulsa.

Most of the trading was done hand-to-hand contributing to the wealth and intimacy of the community."

With that, in the matter of Black wealth, Jim Crow laws inadvertently forced Black people to be "dependent upon the products and services of black businesses."

Wealth was being generated hand over fist. Imagine if Black Wall Street and many other terrorized Black business districts across the country had been left to flourish.

- quotes from Michelle N. Jackson in "Riot Destroys Most Affluent Black Community"

"And I guess what I would say is that we can't think narrowly about movements for black liberation and we can't necessarily see this class division as simply a product or a certain strategy that black movements have developed for liberation.

But rather we have to look at the structural changes that have also accompanied the gains of the civil rights movement.

We have to look at for example the increasing globalization of capital, the whole system of transitional capitalism now which has had an impact on black populations - that has for example eradicated large numbers of jobs that black people traditionally have been able to count upon and created communities where the tax base is lost now as a result of corporations moving to the third world in order to discover cheap labor."

- Angela Y. Davis, 1998, Interview with PBS.

"So consequently the black community is devoid of any kind of democratic process. We're under the dictatorship of the black bourgeoisie as it has never been before.

And so they have federal money now to fund their political machine and keep any new people from moving, any new ideas from moving, and they're not any more concerned with the poorer black people than the rich white politicians are concerned with poor white people."

- Eldridge Cleaver

Every Generation

Ronnie Laws

(Corrected link)

"Time will make us change, nothing stays the same . . . .
A fool gets stung, hides his heart, and plays the game."

"We tell the children, we want you to be successful . . . how impoverished a notion . . . . I claim solidarity with those who are catchin' hell." - Cornel West

"There is nothing with which poverty coincides so absolutely as with the colour black – small or large population, hot or cold climates, rich or poor in natural resources – poverty cuts across all of these factors in order to find black people." - Nana Walter Rodney, 'Groundings With My Brothers'

It is a peculiar thing that we continue to speak of the enslavement of Africans in past tense.

There is not a shred of evidence that it ended in a literal sense - only that African people persevered and survived in spite of it.

Terry Howcott

Closeup is of a Guinea note - ironically from a blog that will remain nameless that referenced it as "worthless money."

There could be no more valuable currency than that with pretty Black faces emblazoned across it. But, also the power and energy that could be generated by indigenous peoples seeing images of themselves on their currency is beyond our comprehension.

So, we have an obligation to reject societal measures of prosperity, and vigorously oppose perpetual attempts to redirect our collective mind's eye away from all that is precious, luxurious, significant, and-or valuable.

Thumbnail is an image of gold nuggets similar to those mined by the 40,000 people who died in African gold mines between 1903 and 1973.

Today, thousands of African children work in dangerous gold mines across three African countries. Even the AP describes these mines as mere holes in the ground - and between those and other mines in S. America and Asia a fifth of the world's gold is produced. The mines are widely known to be death traps.

But, also learn a lot more about African mine workers and their loved ones at this writing by Monica Moorehead

Note, this is one of several panels that were not presented in succession at this gallery, and that are included in this list of panels that are being refurbished or made anew to make this gallery more rich from pole to pole

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