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Blind Faith

("Not By Sight")

A few of you know, I really promote this movie in absence of caring movies about this subject matter specifically related with Black folk. I came across this in realizing "The Corner" with Charles Dutton had been pulled. Keep in mind, the presence of documentaries at this site are sometimess temporary.

If it comes back, I'll most certainly bring it back.

I will not discuss this movie here for fear of giving away what happens. The manner in which this story is told is a work of genius - that is for sure. Just consider that a lot of the language here is related with terminologies of the 60's - including "homosexual disease" which of course does not exist, never existed and was perpetrated by the oppressor with the assistance of bigots and "appeasers" in the social sciences.

Blind faith is hailed as "a brilliant study of Black masculinity, whiteness and homophobia."

This is starring Charles S. Dutton, Lonette McKee, Courtney B. Vance, and Kadeem Hardison. Directed by the cinematographer for several of Spike Lee's films including "Malcolm X," "Jungle Fever" and "Do the Right Thing."

Blind Faith, Part 1

Alert: At the very beginning of this scene is the shooting of a young Black man who is seen closeup laying in a pool of blood.

Blind Faith, Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Blind Faith, Part 5

Blind Faith, Part 6

Part 7

Parts 8-13 at this link.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Braille

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Braille

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