There just has to be a revolutionary thrust in how Black people perceive one another – in and out of the church. This writing ushers us to play either a supporting or self-supporting role toward more whole community development strategies. We must begin to connect the dots of the victimizing exclusion of Black Same Gender loving people that is an exact replication of repressive behaviors we are obligated to criticize.

It is true that one study (Black Same-Sex Households in the United States: A Report from the 2000 Census) reports Black female Same Gender Loving couple households parent almost equivalently with Black opposite-sex couple households (61% vs. 69%). True, Black Same-Gender Loving couples are as likely as Black married opposite-sex couples to live in the same residence for at least five years, a critical indicator of black same gender loving relational stability. It is also true that Black male same-sex couples parent at ¾ the rate of Black opposite sex couples.

But, there is a Black on Black unreasonableness in oppressing people to the point of their feeling compelled to use our birthing rates to gain acceptance from our own beloved people. Most Black intimacy and sex are obviously not had for purposes of baby-making. If such were the case, there would be millions of Black children playing tag and skipping rope in the grassy knolls alongside our city freeways.

What should be proof of our worthiness is that fiery, robust abilities, powerful intelligence, creativity, and out-of-the-box thought sit deep in Black Same Gender Loving and Transgendered communities. Swifter cures for Cancer and diabetes likely rest in the brain of a Black SGL young woman or man more inclined to rise up and question medical tradition (a derivative of an idea previously proposed about Black people living in poverty). He and she are inclined to contemplate and research with more scientific flair than your average bear. The longevity or lack thereof of millions of Black lives may be contingent upon his or her acquiring entry to medical school where they can vow to find a cure for what took the life of a loving, accepting Grandmother.

Like Aretha’s pain-beleaguered heart thrusts her beautiful voice to remind us to “Think,” browbeaten Same Gender Loving sweethearts talents and gifts abound must begin to punch through man-made ceilings to convey our intentions and share our wisdom.

Exclusion, discrimination and ostracization are kept alive by a community militia who work to detain and arrest our potential for an enviable group solidarity and development. We have been tricked and hoodwinked. We have consented to weakening our own group possibilities. A critical test-question for our community – for our young, old, secular and faith-based folk is do we have the cultural resilience left to tell great men – great orators one and all - that they are incorrect in their teachings and preachings with respect to Same Gender Love. Our sistren’ and brethren’ in the pews must do more than whisper under one’s breath about the mean-spirited, injurious inaccuracies being projected against their own people and children. Humiliation and persecution of just a few folk in one congregation or in a several block radius of a community often means the slow, but severe decline of an entire Black neighborhood. These self-inflicting conditions - which we see all around us - stand in the way of our strutting our collective stuff.

It is time we turn the corner and the page - and claim the whole beloved community.

Let us therefore no longer pass judgment on one another, but resolve instead never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of another. I know and am persuaded in the Lord Jesus that nothing is unclean in itself; but it is unclean for anyone who thinks it unclean.

Romans 14:13-14


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