Top UK Bingo Sites

scrummyThe UK is the undisputed king of the online bingo market. More players from the UK play bingo online than any other nationality and as such, the best deals and top sites cater for UK players specifically.

Below are our best rated bingo sites:

Scrummy Bingo

Scrummy Bingo is part of the Live Bingo Network and uses industry leading Cozy Games software. They dish out a £15 FREE no deposit required bonus, allowing you to get started playing completely risk-free. As well as that, new players also get a very rewarding 500% first deposit bonus, meaning if you deposit just £10 you will get £50 extra and £60 to play.

Other perks include access to daily raffles, a £10,000 monthly slots tournament, and full mobile app integration. It really is one of the best bingo sites around.

Costa Bingo

Granted Costa Bingo provides just a £5 freebie, compare to Scrummy Bingo’s £15, but Costa really separate themselves from the competition by allowing you to play unlimited free bingo games for real cash prizes. It’s one of the only sites around where there is always a free game going and a real money prize to be won.

On top of that, they also feature penny games, guaranteed jackpots of up to £5000, plus humungous slots prizes that could literally change your life.

Foxy Bingo

Powered by Dragonfish and licensed by Cassava Enterprises Gibraltar, Foxy Bingo uses the exact same software as Costa Bingo. What we like about them however, is that they are one of the largest bingo sites in Great Britain, so you can expect prize pots that are larger than average. Plus their cute Fox mascot is hilarious!

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo, again is another site powered by Dragonfish, this time they dish out one of the best deposit £10, play £60 bonuses. They also have a free spin of the wheel on your first deposit, so you could be walking away with a big playable balance from a small first deposit. On top of that you will find a good selection of free bingo, large slots jackpots and much more. They are owned and operated by 888, which is a London Stock Exchange traded company, so you can rest assured that they are a trustworthy brand.


Buttercup Bingo

buttercupIf you haven’t heard it yet, you most definitely should hear about it now. This is because the latest online bingo game on the block is Buttercup Bingo. Now you might be thinking about what is so great about this particular bingo game. What is this website being able to offer you that the other free bingo sites are currently now. If it is being too hard for you to figure out what it is, it is actually the thing that no initial deposit would be required. This means that all you would have to do is register yourself with a few details about yourself and you will be good to go. In fact, you will be given an extra 15 pounds of bonus to get you started on your bingo adventures.

Regulated Software

When it comes to playing on online bingo sites, many people tend to become hesitant due to the privacy and security threats that it poses. Now you might be wondering the same thing in case of Buttercup Bingo as well. When being on that topic, there is some good news for you. The Buttercup Bingo website us powered by Cozy Software Management Limited which is considered to be the best software currently operating in the industry. This shows that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You will only be asked for the minimum personal and payment details which would be deemed sufficient to create your account. Over time, the more you play, the more at ease you will be feeling with this website. As is the case of the new players being pampered, you would be receiving, even more, offers and prizes if you become loyal players over time. This will help you to realize that it is in fact, one of the safest bingo sites which you will be able to find online.

Other Buttercup Bingo offers

One of the most eye-catching and tempting offers which you will be able to enjoy from Buttercup Bonus is the free 15 pounds which does not require any kind of deposit beforehand. But that is not the place where the fun ends. Read on below to find out what other kinds of offers you will be able to enjoy:

  • Just by referring this game to a friend, you will be able to earn some great rewards
  • By collecting loyalty points, you will be able to get them exchanged for some BBs
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly offers which are posted on the promotions page
  • By joining the social pages of Buttercup Bingo, you will be able to earn rewards as well
  • The various themes can be easily checked out. All you would have to do is click on the one which you like best and it will be set as your default theme.

Aside from the wide variety of bingo games that this site has to offer, you will be able to find quite some interesting slot games as well. The best part is that you will be able to find them in different price ranges as well, something which cannot be found in the other bingo sites. Another thing which is quite interesting is that this mobile site has been made compatible with mobile devices as well. So no matter which corner of the world you are in, your bingo games would remain uninterrupted.

Free Bingo Offers

Bingo MumWhile there may be tons of amazing bingo sites available on the internet, the players are particular fond of sites which have free bingo. And that is why they are always on the lookout for these sites. As soon as they find one, they flock to it.

Now that the bingo website developers have also understood this, they employ new tactics to attract the players to their website. They are providing free bingo games along with mind-blowing promotional offers and giveaway prizes. There are many great places to find offers, however, we found that Bingo Mum on Twitter dished out some of the best deals around and offered a great comparison service.

Aside from using some kind of middle man to compare bingo sites, we recommend the following sites below for their awesome free bingo promotions.

Virgin Bingo

The reason why Virgin Bingo is considered to be one of the best free bingo sites out there is because of their payout of first time bonus. As soon as the players register themselves as a new player and make a deposit for the first time, they get a free deposit bonus of up to 200% as a welcome bonus. And this has been found to be worth 200 pounds.

Other than that, there are some other promotions which are also quite popular. One of this is the Search for the Phoenix. There are mosaics of different designs from which you will have to pick only six tiles. From these tiles, you will be able to win some amazing prizes. As for those players who are looking for something different, there are slots and casino games available as well.

This game has also been optimized to be played on mobile and tablet devices as well. However, the only sad news is that no bingo games are being provided on the mobile version at the moment.

After January 2013, this website has been completely revamped and given its signature look of red theme. This makes it easier to notice and more relatable to its players. The best part is that the players will be able to enjoy bingo, slots, and casino all under one roof.

Heart Bingo

The next free bingo website which will be reviewed is Heart Bingo. At Heart Bingo, all the new players will be heartily welcomed with a 200% first deposit bonus. Just by depositing 10 pounds, the players will be able to get 30 pounds for playing. This amount can also be increased till 200 pounds after the first deposit fees has been paid. The happiest news for the players is that this free amount can be played on both the bingo and slot games, despite differences in wagering rules being applied.

Other than that, there is a free game by the name of Doubly Bubbly. You will be able to play this every day and win bonus, cash, and free slot spins. In addition, just for playing at the site, Heart Bingo offers regular prize draw offers.

So all in all, the easy wagering requirements and good welcome offer is what makes Heart Bingo a very good bingo site to play on. The rooms can also be found mostly free. However, this means that low prizes will be offered unless these rooms can be linked with other networks. Other than that, the reviews have been fairly favorable.

Mobile Bingo

mobile bingo appPreviously, bingo sites were designed in such a manner that it was only accessible for players through their personal computers. As a result, it restricted their scope of entertainment even if it was for a little bit. But as technology advanced, the bingo sites started offering games on smartphone devices. This enabled the players to remain hooked on to their favorite bingo games even when they are on the move. They would not have to let their precious game out of their sight even for a single moment. So in order to know some of the hottest mobile bingo sites, check out the list below.

Bgo Bingo mobile

The Bgo brand is considered to be the ultimate destination for all the bingo fanatics out there. This is because as soon as you sign up, you do not get access to all the hottest bingo, betting, and casino games imaginable. You can win rewards up to 400%! It truly does not get any better than that. The best part is that absolutely no deposit is required. So by making this game into mobile bingo, it has allowed to be reachable to a wider audience. The mobile app is fully compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android phones, as well as Blackberry devices. Besides bingo games, it also has a wide variety of slot games. As soon as you register, you will be able to win twenty free spins in the Stardust slots. All in all, the mobile application is considered to be absolutely flawless thanks to its incredible functionality and mind-blowing graphics.

Dream Bingo mobile

The next mobile bingo site which will be reviewed is Dream Bingo mobile. Like any other mobile application, it works well on both Apple and Android phones. In this way, you will be able to “Live the Dream” wherever you go. If you are already an existing player, you will have no problem at all. All you would have to is give your existing login details and you can get hooked on to your game right away. The games in Dream Bingo have been designed with such high-quality graphics that you will immensely enjoy the 75 and 90 ball bingo games. Other than that, their weekly and monthly offers are worth winning for. Thanks to the total transformation over the last couple of months, this mobile app has taken a complete turnaround. It allows the players to live the luxury life that they dream about.

Lucky Pants Bingo mobile

Another mobile bingo game which is worth giving a try is Lucky Pants Bingo. As soon as you sign up, you will be given a free bonus which is worth five pounds. In addition, twenty extra spins will be awarded without any deposit being required. The best part about the mobile version is that players will not have to download any app. They simply log onto the website, click on the mobile option and then will be automatically transported to the mobile website. The best feature in this site is considered to be the seven days free bingo games. Other than that, players can also win bonuses up to 300%. As a result, this bingo site is everything that a bingo lover could ask for.

Hottest Bingo Sites In The UK

Whenever the topic arises about the best bingo sites which are available online, the conversation cannot be complete without mentioning UK bingo sites. This is because they are all the rage in the online world. Players from all over the world are competing in all the bingo sites which have their origins in the United Kingdom. So, in order to know the top-rated sites for bingo in the Uk, consult the list below.

Please note, each site listed below is regulated bingo provider from the UK gambling commission, so you can rest assured that they are a safe place to play.

Chitchat Bingo

Chitchat Bingo is considered the friendliest bingo site which you are able visit. Now you might be wondering what all the hype is about. The thing with this UK bingo is that you will be able to find huge jackpots in their slot games and bingo games.

In addition, their chat rooms are always buzzing with players interacting from all over the globe. You will not only be able to challenge them for a game, but can also pick up some helpful tips along the way. The best part is that you can start playing bingo games from just 1p a ticket. This will also make you eligible for winning their amazing lotteries and jackpots. In addition, from every Monday to Friday, they have a live bingo session which is held at 8 pm. Plus at Chitchat Bingo, you will always be guaranteed of a fun and filling experience thanks to their 75 and 90 bingo games.

Foxy Bingo

foxy-bingoThe next UK bingo site which is gaining its fair share of fame is Foxy Bingo. This bingo site is considered to one of the top 3 busiest bingo sites which you will come across online. All their bingo rooms are absolutely packed with players competing with each other from all over the world.

No matter which kind of bingo game you prefer, you will be able to find it here. Starting from the fast-paced 90 ball bingo game to the more slow and relaxed 75 ball bingo, you will get it here. Other than that, the main reason why it is so well loved by all the bingo players is because of its extremely low initial deposit of just £5. Compared to the prizes and jackpots which you will be able to win, the deposit fee is next to nothing. Foxy Bingo also has a wide variety of slot games to keep you thoroughly entertained throughout.

Titan Bingo

The third bingo site in the list of UK bingo sites is Titan Bingo. This bingo site has been designed in such a manner that it will live up to the expectations of all the bingo players out there. Not only are they famous for providing a wide variety of bingo and slot games, they take advantage of every opportunity for making their players feel extra loyal. That is why you will also find them giving some promotion or grand lottery prize almost every other week. So just by giving an initial deposit of ten pounds, you can sign yourself up to some amazing prizes and gift offers.